Tuesday, 22 July 2008

.. and Maileg for mum too!

Also, in a bit of a departure from Maileg's core range we have a small selection of children's clothes (underwear and PJs) and - very exciting, this - something for mums... It is a set of pretty tin kitchen caddies. Really they are meant for storing sugar, tea and coffee but I'm using mine (yes I've already pilfered a set!) for storing food and treats for my bunnies. If I remember this evening I will take a photo of one of my bunnies checking out their new 'biscuit tins'.

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mollycupcakes said...

Hi Charoltte,
the blog looks lovely hun.
Well done in getting one up and running. I'm sure it won't be long before loads of comments are left.
Lovely the tins and looking forward to seeing the bunnies.
Catherine x