Friday, 12 September 2008

Emile et Rose

One of the reasons my posts have been a bit sporadic is that I've been so busy unpacking new season clothes in the shop. I think our favourite collection this year comes from Emile et Rose (if you don't already know the brand it is a classic nursery collection - pastel colours, soft fabrics, very gentle in every sense). Historically we seem to sell clothes in the shop and toys online - so in an attempt to mix things up a bit I have put the entire Emile et Rose collection on the website! Have a look...

Dear me...

... it's been far too long since I last wrote an entry here. It's been a busy few weeks with one or two things in my personal life taking up a lot of time, and then a holiday in France a couple of weeks ago. Holidays from the shop are always lovely, but then again it takes me weeks to catch up when I get home!

The holiday was super. I adore France - one of the reasons I love to sell French toys. I went with my boyfriend Mike and his daughter, Isobel. We spent most of the time in the South, near the Spanish border, then a few days driving up through France staying in little b&bs I found on the wonderful Alastair Sawday website.

My mother was a complete star while I was away, running the high street shop and packing up all the mail orders which I continued to manage from France. All in all it went quite smoothly.

On the subject of France, a lot of places close down during August over there, and Moulin Roty - one of our main toy suppliers - is one of them. As such I'm afraid we're very low on stock at Cottontails while I wait for them to catch up and start sending orders again.

Here is a picture of my mother holding the fort in the stock room... Humphrey is helping out too!