Thursday, 9 October 2008

Busyness and Boxes...

I think I wrote my last entry about a month ago, at which time I decided that I really must write more often. Oh dear.

Well, in my defense it's been a crazy month.. Things are getting on top of me a bit at the moment and it has been as much as I can do to keep up with customer orders and emails, never mind all the other bits and pieces. Ho hum.

Anyway - things just got worse today! As I walked to work this morning, little did I know there would be a mountain of boxes waiting for me in the alley next to the shop... The Maileg Christmas stock has arrived (a good couple of weeks earlier than anticipated..!)

I know there are lots of goodies in there, and part of me cannot wait to start unpacking, but another bit of me is despairing because I'm not ready and don't have the time or space. You can see in the photo how desperate the space situation is!

I am seriously considering closing the shop for a day or two to try and get back on track. I've been wanting to rearrange things for some time now, reorganise the stock room, get some new fixtures, have the carpet cleaned, oh lots of things.. and I think now might be the time, if only to preserve my sanity! It really would be a dream to empty everything out and start afresh. I'm going to make a decision today so watch this space...

...And watch the website for the arrival of new Maileg things!

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