Monday, 20 October 2008

Day two... the end is in sight

So busy this evening that I forgot to take my camera to the shop, so no pics I'm afraid. It's looking good though. The carpet is great and I'm just so relieved I spent £70 on a professional clean rather than £500 on a new carpet. The new counter is fantastic and was such a bargain - I bought it from Diamond Shop Displays on eBay, it was just £150 and comes as a pre-assembled, unfinished MDF thing. My boyfriend collected it for me this afternoon (thank you, thank you) and my mum and I spent a good three hours painting it this evening. We've never had a counter before. I feel like a Proper Shopkeeper now! I'll upload the photo from eBay.

This evening dad started work on the shelving and things are really starting to take shape. It has been really nice to chat to mum and dad while we are painting and so on... it's not often we get time together like this and it's been good to natter.

Dad is leaving work at lunchtime tomorrow to come and finish up the practical stuff, then mum and I will take over with all the display and merchandising. Oh and there's the till, card machine, franking machine, printer and phone to network. Yikes.

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Lavinia Waitrose-Bleach said...

Darling, you couldn't give me that carpet man's number? We had a slight accident at Camp this summer. Fi's cob staled all over my best Persian. You're so clever, where do you FIND these men? Shop looks molto divino. Mwa.