Thursday, 9 October 2008

Later that day...

Well I've made a start on the boxes (which, loosely translated, means that the boxes themselves have gone, only to be replaced by a gigantic heap of toys!) and I have started adding a few bits to the website - I haven't added anything new yet (need to get the photography done first) but there's some re-appearances of things we've been out of for a long while - some giant bunnies, some medium bunnies, the Maileg goose, and - most exciting of all - Magnus the Rat!

For those eagerly awaiting new products a quick glance at 'the heap' and I can see LOTS of pixies (baby up to enormous) various Christmas toys and decorations and some adorable 'matchbox mice'.

Regarding the need to close and re-organise: this is becoming more critical by the moment. I can hardly function in the chaos. I have provisionally booked a professional carpet cleaner for the 21st and the next step is to talk to my dad about building some new fittings. Initial thoughts are to close for the first part of w/c 20th October.

Time to head home and pick up my car now - need to transport 'the heap' to my home office / studio where I can get on with some product photography.

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