Friday, 10 October 2008

Re-fit confirmed!

Friday morning and I am feeling a bit calmer than yesterday... not too many sales overnight (which I am oddly pleased about, as it means less packing to do - not the right attitude at all of course) and so far today only one box has been delivered (Daisy Roots baby shoes.. really must get them on the website.).

I have been pondering and planning the re-fit of the high street shop and decided it definitely needs to be done... So, along with the carpet cleaning man (who is also going to fit a lovely new mat-well thing for us - essential in a shop trying to handle constant flow of pram wheels) I have now booked in an electrician to re-do all the lighting. This is all scheduled to start next weekend so I think I'll close early on Saturday the 18th, empty the shop and stock room over night, lighting going in the next day, along with lots of painting and decorating, then carpet cleaning, then new fixtures and re-dressing the shop. Same for the stock room. Hopefully re-open on the Wednesday.

Am quite excited! The shop has been much the same for five years so it really will be lovely to refresh everything..

Better get along with putting some new Maileg stock on the website... no photography yet but I can make a start on the descriptions and so on.

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