Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Where to start...?

Oh dear it's always hard to know where to start when I've been 'away' for a while - another serious case of Blog Neglect I'm afraid. Delighted to find a couple of comments on my last entry though - and to have received a few emails from customers mentioning the blog, I was beginning to wonder if anyone read it at all really!

I am feeling a bit snowed under at work again... so much to do and I never, ever seem to get on top of things. Paperwork? Well, that's just a distant memory... But a girlfriend is coming over tonight to help me try and catch up.

We have had lots more stock in from Maileg - more Christmas bunnies and Christmas decorations. We did have some lovely fabric advent calendars but they've sold out already - which is a good thing I suppose, wouldn't want to have any left once December is underway.

Also had some lovely play kitchen things in from Moulin Roty - little pots and pans - and a mini milk churn! Really sweet. I'll pop a picture of one on to this post...

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VA Boutique said...

Hi again
Oohh glad your keeping busy. Eeek I know how that is, its busy busy here too!
Glad to hear your customers are reading the blog too, its a great way to keep everyone updated I find.
Anyhoo ta ta for now
love Alison