Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mouse House Refurbishment

The Maileg mouse houses are gorgeous aren't they? But just to complicate things, Maileg have gone and changed their design three weeks before Christmas. Grrr! The house itself has changed a little in that it has a new - and vastly improved - roof. Before it was a thin kind of ply wood... now it is lovely chunky wood. (Still with 'cheese hole' in!) But the real change is inside. Here are the before and after contents:

Mouse house before:
-bed & bedding
-cotton reel table

Mouse house now:
-cotton reel table
-two stools
-cloth rug
-two cups

So you see, crucially, there is now no mouse! I think the reasoning behind this is that Maileg are now selling mice in matchbox beds as separate items - but the trouble is that the UK distributors have run out of these until after Christmas. Grrr again!

I am trying to get some little baby Nini mice from Moulin Roty for next week - they would be just as happy inside the Mouse House I'm sure!

And the good news is that the new house is only £32. Hurrah!

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