Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Have just been having a cup of tea and reading some of my friend's blogs, and came upon a post from Kirsty at Kirsty's Cottage Industries which has inspired me to write something... about moles!

I love moles, always have. Think they are such curious, lovely little creatures. And when I was a little girl I used to collect them - little toys, pictures, ornaments and things. Anyway, imagine my delight when Moulin Roty introduced two new members of La Grande Famille this year - and one of them is a mole! You can see her in the picture - she is called Apolline and is wearing a pretty dress. I love her big paws!

Before I go, here is a Beatrix Potter poem about moles - 34 years old and I still know it off by heart!

Diggory Diggory Delvet
Little old man in black velvet
He digs and he delves
You can see for yourselves
The mounds dug by Diggory Delvet



Shabby Chick said...

Apolline is adorable! That rhyme is very cute too, I must tell it to my girlies.

I'm really glad you've just been busy, I do notice when you go quiet! AS long as you don't think I'm an interfering pain in the bum ;)

You definitely should get some hundreds and thousands, they're great fun! Though ours were meant to be gently sprinkled but instead she just poured about half a pot on, hee hee!

Mel xxx

A Farmers Wife said...

Ah thanks for the mention hun!
I think moles have great character too, very endearing little creatures. It was quite amazing too look at one so closely.
I agree with Mel, Apolline is so lovely. At 4 and 5 my girls are just getting past the soft toy stage-such a shame as i just love the moulin roty things! They're expecting a step brother or sister any day though so i may indulge in a little gift shopping!
Kirsty x

Poppy said...

moles are so cute, what a gorgeous post, I’m going to read that again!

If you do order a cami you might be best to order a size smaller as they do come up a bit bigger.

Love Lou xxx

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

We do get the odd mole in our garden, which drives my husband crazy, but I think they are adorable! Just like the rabbits who eat all our veg and sweetpeas!

There is an award waiting for you on my blog...