Friday, 27 March 2009

Say cheese (or should that be carrots?)

As I mentioned a day or two ago I have just received a lovely selection of new Maileg things, and this morning I got up extra early to turn my spare bedroom into a photo studio and take shots of all the new products. I will upload some of them later, but for now here is one of Humphrey having a chat with some of the fabric bunnies!

Bless him, he was nosing around my feet the whole time I was taking photos, so when I'd finished I picked him up for a cuddle... and before he know it he was in my little photo cube thingy being 'papped'!


LissyLou said...

cute photo, love all the bunnies!!

Thank you for your nice comment on my page.

I really would recommend getting your colours done - if you go to the house of colour website you can find your nearest consultant. x

P.s did you get my message on your shop site? If not don't worry, i just wondered if you will have the wooden stockings in nearer x'mas time? xx

A Farmers Wife said...

Firstly thanks SOOOOO much for my bunny, she arrived yesterday but i hadnt had a chance to thank you till now. My girls adore her but they know shes special so mummy has put her on the mantlepiece for us all to admire.
Charlotte you really shoudlnt have, none of uxpect anything back for putting a tiny ad on our blogs for you!!!!!!!!
Thanks thanks thanks!
Love the latest post they all look like theyd like to come and live with us! And i think Humphrey is a great little marketing ploy-you should utilise his talents, although soon he'll probably get himself an agent and be expecting golden carrots from you! Hes adorable...
Lots of love Kirsty x

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Hello! Your Humphrey looks a bit like my George!
if you copy and past the link below in your browser it will take you to some photos of my bunnies. Or if you go to my blog and click on Decembers blog posts and click on "Meet My Bunnies" 2nd one from the bottom that will take you to the same place.

Yes they are the best pets ever!! I adore them and their funny little mannerisms- so much so- I can't stop drawing them :)

I'm off now to check out your shop- thank you for stopping by my blog.

See you again soon

Em x

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Charlotte :)

I am doing OK thanks, I have had a couple of really bad nights with little one but my other half had the afternoon off and let me have a sleep and I am feeling soooo much better!

Humphrey is very photogenic, how cute that he wanted to play! I think you will like my latest post with my goodies from Emma (Little Brown Rabbit).

Hope you're doing OK hun,

Mel xxx

Mandy said...

Charlotte so love your blog and your shop. The new photo is beautiful. Please stop by my blog and collect an award for you xx
Mandy xxx

Poppy said...

Love the photo so cute, Humphrey looks so adorable!
I looked after my friend’s house rabbit when they went on holiday, so much fun and so cute like Humphrey.
I hope you don’t mind but I have used your picture of Humphrey for your link on my blog it is so gorgeous.
Have a lovely week end hun!
Love Lou xxxx

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Hi again
Oh I'm so glad you came to visit! Yes I do know of Rabbit Re-home as I used them when I was trying to find a new boyfriend for Millie. But I also found:
Have you heard of them? They were so fantastic and so dedicated. I took Millie to them where she stayed for a week to bond with her new man. They like to bond them there at the rescue so when you get them home (back to her territory so to speak) she would have already accepted him. She is a picky little thing but it was love at first sight when she met George!
I'm so sorry to hear you lost two of your bunnies recently.
I also am a member of:
Which another great site and a fantastic resource.
I think my comment is longer than yours now! Have a great weekend.
Em x

Ali @ Betty and Violet said...

A great photo! Humphrey looks gorgeous girl would love him (and so would I!)

The new Maileg products look great too!

Emma Loves Stitching said...

I've just come across your blog it's great, lovely ideas and love the bunnies. Hop over to my blog to see the bunnies I've made!

LissyLou said...

Thank you Charlotte, i've just recieved a lovely fairy in the post. I'm delighted. We are ging to call her fairy cottontails. xx