Saturday, 31 October 2009

Twitter, twitter...

Not at all sure what I am doing really but think I have just set up a Twitter account.

Not at all sure about the whole thing. Is it a good idea? Will anyone read it? Have I done it right?

If you are reading this and you know anything about Twittering please have a look for me and let me know if I seem to be doing things right..?


Friday, 30 October 2009

Lovely new things... some pictures!

As I mentioned yesterday I am busy planning some lovely new treats for the website, and particularly some things which I think will appeal to mums as much as their children. (Well I'd buy them anyway, and I'm 35). Here is a sneak preview of a few of things coming soon to Cottontails...

Some lovely little badges, handbag mirrors and fridge magnets like these 'jar of jam' ones:

Some framed prints and cards, all with a cute and magical feel:

And some ADORABLE framed prints and stationary with a lovely old fashioned feel - and a lot of rabbits (Humphrey chose these ones!)

I've been busy ordering yesterday and today so it will probably be a week or two before they begin to show up on the website, but I'll be sure to write about them here as the boxes start to arrive!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lovely new things..

All is quiet and lovely in the garden office this morning. Humphrey is nibbling his breakfast and I have a nice task ahead...

After months of debating I have decided it is high time to introduce a couple of ranges of grown up goodies to Cottontails. It's a bit of an experiment but can't hurt to try and I think it will be nice for our customers to be able to buy nice little things for themselves as well as their children.

So I am spending this morning working through the websites and catalogues I have been assembling over the past few months with this in mind and will let you know when I've made some decisions and placed some orders.

No pictures just yet but watch this space.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A new bunny in the making...

My wonderful web designer, Tamsin, is working on a new logo for me at the moment. Here is a sneak preview, although the bunny will be a bit different. I am so grateful to her for all her help and as ever when I write about her here I will remind everyone of her details and the fact that if you ever wanted anyone to help you create a website you could not find a more lovely and helpful person. And very reasonable to boot! Here she is:

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Postal strikes - no delays at Cottontails :-)

In light of all the current problems with Royal Mail we have taken the decision to switch all our UK deliveries to our parcel carrier, Business Post, for the moment.

As such we've had to put our delivery price up by £1 but the good news is that we can now offer a fully trackable next day delivery as standard, and customers won't have to worry about their Cottontails parcels being trapped in Royal Mail sorting warehouses for the next three weeks (that was the backlog prediction on the Guardian website last night).

So.. order today, no fear of delay!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Moulin Roty Petit Sailor

Ahoy there shipmates!We would like to introduce Moulin Roty's new nautical themed range of toys and accessories which is available exclusively through Cottontails in the UK. (We're so chuffed!!) In smart navy and red colours, this is a particularly classic range of toys from the French designer, and is perfect for any little boys (or girls!) with an interest in the seaside.The range is based around a little seabird character who doesn't really have a name, so we have called him the Petit Sailor, which we think seems to suit him quite well.Items include a classic 30cm soft toy, two cuddly rattles, a comforter and various nursery accessories including a lovely musical mobile. All the soft toys come in their own nautical style gift box, and the range is very reasonably priced with gift boxed rattles from just £10.

Martin le Lapin

One of the two new Moulin Roty ranges now available exclusively through Cottontails in the UK is Martin le Lapin, based around a little French cream and red rabbit. (Martin seems an unlikely name for a bunny, but we must remember that he is French and therefore should pronounce him 'Martan'!)At the heart of the range is the soft toy rabbit, a 30cm Martin wearing a check cotton shirt and red and fawn dungarees. He is a very cuddly fellow with long ears and dangly limbs and as with most Moulin Roty toys he can be dressed and undressed. Along with the soft toy we then have rattle, comforter, musical rabbit and a lovely range of nursery accessories.
All the toys come gift boxed and the range is ever so reasonably priced - certainly a little less than usual Moulin Roty pricing, for example the comforter is £11 and the rattle £10 - and both come in lovely boxes.
We are thrilled to have Martin with us and hope he will be very happy at Cottontails!

Only available at Cottontails...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Cottontails was to become the exclusive UK stockist for two new Moulin Roty ranges, and I'm delighted to report that the stock has now arrived.

Two huge boxes were delivered a few days ago and it was instantly exciting to spot 'Cottontails own range' scribbled onto the cardboard! I feel rather proud that we have developed such a close relationship with Moulin Roty that they entrust us with these exclusive toys, and we'll do our very best to promote them in the UK. In fact, I think I can feel another competition coming on...!

The ranges are based on two new characters - Martin le Lapin and the Petit Sailor. I've included a couple of pictures here, but I think each character really deserves a post of his own!

Bunny abroad!

I am so sorry that I've been absent for such a long time again. The past five weeks have flown by and although I thought about writing a post quite often, I haven't had the time to actually do it.

But at least I am catching up today and - as you might expect after five weeks - there is quite a lot to tell.

Firstly remember the name the bunny competition which was won by Katy in Australia who suggested the name 'Bronte' after her local beach? Well I am delighted to report that the the newly christened Bronte has made it to her new home on the other side of the world, and has also enjoyed a day out on the beach which inspired her name. Lucky, lucky bunny! Katy kindly took some photos for us, so here is Bronte bunny enjoying herself on Bronte beach:

Aren't they absolutely beautiful photos? Thank you so much Katy.

Secondly we have some exciting news about a new Moulin Roty range, but I'll put that in a separate post so as not to turn this one into an epic!

So hang on, more in a minute...