Friday, 30 October 2009

Lovely new things... some pictures!

As I mentioned yesterday I am busy planning some lovely new treats for the website, and particularly some things which I think will appeal to mums as much as their children. (Well I'd buy them anyway, and I'm 35). Here is a sneak preview of a few of things coming soon to Cottontails...

Some lovely little badges, handbag mirrors and fridge magnets like these 'jar of jam' ones:

Some framed prints and cards, all with a cute and magical feel:

And some ADORABLE framed prints and stationary with a lovely old fashioned feel - and a lot of rabbits (Humphrey chose these ones!)

I've been busy ordering yesterday and today so it will probably be a week or two before they begin to show up on the website, but I'll be sure to write about them here as the boxes start to arrive!


A Farmers Wife said...

gorgeous honey xxxxxx

Dotty said...

hi thanks for your lovely comments on my blog , i love those little badges/magnets , glad you left a comment as now i have discovered another lovely little shop to spend money i dont have !! x

Mary Poppins said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on Vintage Daisy, what a sweet blog and website you have, you have adorable pretties for sale :)