Monday, 23 November 2009

A busy few days & a beautiful mermaid

Following an incredibly busy end to last week I decided to take the weekend off - bliss! - but Monday morning is now upon us and another week begins...

It's been an incredibly busy weekend online - by far the busiest yet - so today is going to be a day of packing, packing, packing. I've left a plea for help on my mum's answerphone and am hoping she will come to help - otherwise it's just me and Humphrey and a whole load of boxes... yikes.

In the midst of the chaos at the end of last week, something very exciting happened - I received a lovely parcel through the post. No, not another order to be unpacked and inventoried, but something really special - a delightful present from Helen at Simply H Designs. I am such a lucky girl and had won her giveaway last weekend - thank you, thank you, thank you! - and this meant that I am now the proud guardian of one of her lovely fabric mermaids! I am so chuffed I cannot tell you, I know everyone always says this but I never win anything and as Helen will tell you, the news of my win arrived at just the right moment - in the middle of a bit of a horrible time last weekend - and truly lifted my spirits.

The parcel was so beautifully presented

And Helen had wrapped her in some gorgeous bits of fabric (Gulp. Does this mean I have to try and, ahem, MAKE something?!)

She came with her own little note, telling me how to best care for her, postcards of her home in Whitstable, and in her little bag is a collection of pretty shells. Isn't she just beautiful?

First I tried her in the bathroom (figured she'd be happy in there, all that water) and sat her on the top of the curtains.

But finally decided she would reside on the landing - she is so pretty to look at as I am walking upstairs.

Thank you so much Helen. I am truly chuffed to bits :-)



BadPenny said...

she's lovely and I'm glad to hear she lifted your spirits.

You've chosen just the right place for her too xx

Bumpkin Hill said...

awww what a precious mermaid, she looks perfect on the landing to make you smile as you come downstairs in the morning :) Great with all the orders but it must be crazy, surrounded by boxes everywhere, I do hope your Mum can come to help! Big comforting Hugs, Catherine x

...Nina Nixon... said...

...and she is so adorable - well done and congratulations.

Nina xxxx

Unknown said...

Ohhh packaging boxes can be so much work! And I only have a little shoppe :( I hope your mom can help you!! I would if I could :)
I LOVE that mermaid!!!! How incredibly cute! Congratulations!
THANK YOU so much for the comment you left on my blog. I am sorry you have felt that way too. Your words were spot on! Sending you big hugs and wishes for a happy holiday season!

Simply H said...

Hello, You are more than welcome Charlotte. I am so pleased the parcel arrived safe and sound. Looks like the mermaid has found a lovely new home with you!x

Ps You don't have to make anything with the fabric if you don't want to! No pressure, honest!

Charlotte said...

Oh I am going to have a go at making something... goodness knows what. A fabric heart probably, I did those once before and apart from a few sausage shaped ones they weren't TOO bad :-)

Mum did come and help - thank goodness, for Humphrey was no use at all!


Tash Allen said...

oh so delightful! she's gorgeous and looks very happy on your landing :)

Vicki said...

Hello, Charlotte,
I am so glad your business is doing so well! Congratulations! I love your sweet mermaid, and I think you found the perfect spot for her! Have a beautiful week! Vicki

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ooh Charlotte, loving those beams on your landing!

How lovely that you won the meramid, hooray and such gorgeous wrapping too!

Of course you loved the Secret Garden, it goes without saying!

Glad the business is busy too!

Love Sarah x