Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Parcels, parcels, parcels...

It's a parcel packing frenzy here in Cottontails 'head hutch'... too busy to write much but have captured a few pics while having my coffee break...

Here is mum in a packing blur (no coffee breaks for her!)

Here is my name sake (Charlotte the cow) being wrapped in tissue

..then she is added to the rest of the order...

...wrapped in foam and a sturdy Business Post bag and later today she'll be heading off to her new home. (I suppose I could take a snap of the Business Post driver but he may not like that!)

Thanks for everyone's lovely comments and I plan to sit down later tonight and do some proper catching up.



nonni said...

Gosh, you are busy Charlotte! Busy in a good way though! :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you are super busy, but in a very good way. Hope you have a restful evening.

...Nina Nixon... said...

....and busy, busy busy - phew!

Happy packing - as much as you can with no tea break and enjoy your putting up of feet later.

take care,

Nina xxxxxx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Dear Charlotte,

My lovely little parcel from you arrived! hooray. it is so sweet, I am especially in love with mousey in a matchbox (excellent Christmas presy! but she will be staying here Down the Lane!)

Thank you with all my heart, I am so happy to have won your lovely things. They will be featuring in a future posting!

Glad to see you are busy!

Love Sarah x

PS I am using the wooden stocking as a template! Brilliant x

Unknown said...

You are super duper busy!! That is a good thing :) Charlotte the cow is adorable!!!!

Simply H said...

Hello, you do look like you are a busy bee! Another parcel is on the way to you this time! Your winning mermaid doll from my giveaway is on her way over to you as I write.........hopefuly she will arrive tomorrow or the day after x

Vicki said...

Hi, Charlotte,
I am glad your business is doing well! I think you will be very busy during the holiday season. Wishing you continued success and much happiness! Vicki