Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cottontails Kitchen Garden Part 2 - some planting

Another nice weekend weather-wise, and planting is now underway at Cottontails.

Friday evening Mike and I went down to visit mum and dad and do a bit of a raid on my father's greenhouse - he has an amazing garden and had offered me some seeds and plants. This is his lovely garden:

Saturday morning I made a plan of what was going to go where (in the Moulin Roty gardener's notebook of course!).

Then we popped to the local garden center for some compost and some more seeds, and the rest of the weekend was spent digging, sowing and watering.

So far we have little plants of: runner beans, broad beans, beetroots and marigolds, and seeds of loads of herbs, potatoes, radish, carrots, spring onions and salad. I have been checking daily for shoots but nothing yet... guess two days is a little optimistic?

The Cottontails gardening equipment trialed this weekend included our Little Pals gardening gloves (£3) and trowel (£3).

Isobel, aged nine, donned the gloves and gave them a definite thumbs up! She said they are warm and comfy and even commented with surprise how soft they felt inside when she put them on. As for the little trowel, I tried that one out myself and in the interests of honesty have to say I was a bit disappointed that it didn't 'hold' more earth - it is quite a flat little tool. But sturdy and comfy to hold none the less. Just better for digging than for earth carrying!

Finally it's Rabbit Awareness Week this week so I will be back tomorrow with a more rabbity post!


Pom Pom said...

Hi Charlotte!
I love your dad's garden! Is he a very homey person? I like that.
You have such a sweet and childlike heart. It's not a wonder you have a bunny for a pet. Please give Humphrey a little pat from Pom Pom.

Sue said...

Haha....your trowel is meant for little girls and you're a big girl!! It will hold enough earth for little girls (and boys) I suspect.

You seem very organised, and I LOVE your little planning book.

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading about the progress on your garden. I think it's wonderful what you're doing, and I'm so happy you're blogging about it so others can follow your lead. Sadly, I have no outdoor space, but I know I would be right there with you if I could! And I can already see in my mind a lovely picture of Humphrey reaching up to grasp some carrot greens... don't disappoint me! ;)

RG said...

By gosh the whole gardening scheme looks to be just fine ... now I must get out and plant!!!

Sarah said...

Your Dad has a lovely neat garden!

I've got some veg started off in the greenhouse.

Hugs, Sarah x