Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cottontails Kitchen Garden - growing mint

Did you know you can grow mint just by picking a sprig and putting it in a glass of water? I vaguely remembered reading something about it and thought I'd have a go, and so far the signs are good.

I pilfered a sprig of mint from my dad's garden last time I went over and within about 10 days look what had happened:

So this weekend I planted it up into a pot of compost, gave it a good feed and water...

...then popped the pot into the ground.

Apparently mint is so voracious that it's best to do it this way - if you plant it directly into the ground it will have taken over your garden within the week (or so you would think given the number of warnings I have had from more experienced gardeners. Just mention mint and there is much sucking in of breath and shaking of heads!)

So finger's crossed for a thriving mint plant in the near future!

Meanwhile it was time to try out another Cottontails garden tool, and this time I picked one of our watering cans.

The Little Pals green watering can (£8) is one of three children's watering cans available at Cottontails and a very nice little thing it is too! Small enough to be very quick to fill and light to lift when full, but holds enough water to be worthwhile.

I also discovered it is quite handy for doing the watering in our little plastic mini greenhouse thingy (you know, one of those sets of shelves covered with some plastic) - there is not much space between the shelves and it's a bit of a challenge to squeeze in a full size watering can so this is just the job.


Bumpkin Hill said...

Isn't it wonderful when you see the roots growing! I've done that with sedum plants too. I forgot to say that I saw the garden tools from moulin roty that you stock in the toy store I put on my Blog, they were clearly fabulous quality. Hugs, Catherine x

...Nina Nixon... said...

You can do the same with lemongrass and spider plants.

It's great fun watching them sprout roots.

Nina x

Pom Pom said...

I love that green watering can. Can Humphrey eat mint?

Sarah said...

All the years growing mint and I never knew that.


Hugs, Sarah x

Christina said...

I like mint but it does take over. I planted spearmint around my patio and it goes crazier every year but very good for a bunnies upset stomach.

The Bunns said...

Send us mint and we'll send you spider plants!!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love to watcvh plants grow like this! I love mint too, the smell is so wonderful

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Good luck with the mint growing! :)