Thursday, 17 June 2010

Competition - need entries!!!

Whilst bored during a football match at the weekend (imagine that!) I put up a little competition on the Cottontails facebook page but alas have had no entries... clearly the facebook page is not yet as vibrant and interactive as I hoped it would be!

So I thought I would pop the competition on here. It's quite easy and as I have yet to have any entries the odds of winning must be quite high!

During half term while she was staying with us, Mike's daughter Isobel (aged 9) lined up a few of her favourite Cottontails toys and painted some lovely pictures.

The competition is simple: Can you identify any of the characters? I know you are probably thinking 'I haven't a clue' but it would be ever so easy to find them on the website - just have a look at Moulin Roty's Grand Family toys and Moulin Roty's range of bee and insect toys!

And if you win I will send you a mystery something nice by Moulin Roty :-)


ps - If you would like to enter twice and thus double your already quite good chances of winning (!) you could leave a comment on the Facebook page too - click here

pps - Oh dear. As the lovely MutteringsFromTheMoor has gently pointed out, there is a bit of a flaw in proceedings as folks can just copy earlier entries... Ah yes. Of course. Hadn't thought of that.

Never mind... press on!

Please enter anyway and I'll give the next competition a bit more thought!

ppps Despite discovering this unfortunate hitch, I am thrilled that putting the competition on the blog has created a bit of interest and a few entries. THANK YOU!

pppps Draw will be Saturday evening (19th) so keep entering up til about 6pm at which point me and Isobel will try and find a hat to draw names from


Jackie said...

What lovely paintings! I would guess as follows (left to right) Jeanne goose, Mimosa the cat and Louana bee! x

Anonymous said...

ooh! I saw this on FB on my phone and then forgot to enter when back at the pc!

OK, I know who they are but if I write them on here people can just copy right?!

What the heck, here goes: Jeanne the goose, Mimosa the cat, and Louna the bee!

Charlotte said...

Thank you Mutterings :-)

Hmmm... you're right there was a bit of a flaw with the competition - will have to give it a bit more thought next time!

Never mind.. press on... :-) !!


MagicMummy said...

Oooh I didn't know you were on Facebook, I'll find you now though lol

I think they're Jeanne Goose, Mimosa the Cat and Louana Bee.

Hope you had lots of fun doing the painting x x

Bumpkin Hill said...

Well without cheating I am looking each one up, I reckon that Jeanne Goose is the first one (cute paintings by the way!), Mimosa the Cat, and...Louna Bee. I'll go and Tweet about this too to drum up interest. HUGS, Catherine xx

magpie bessie said...

Left to right, Jeanne the Goose, Mimosa the Cat, and Louna the Bee! Thank you so much for the opportunity! We love Moulin Roty!

Jackie said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog today - I'm so pleased to see you have more entries!! Isobel can be totally excited now!!

Let me know how you get on with your veg!! xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Isobel is a great artist. I've left my entry on your Facebook page under Anne Stone.

Annette Tait said...

I think I'm too late as it's 6.40but I spot Mimosa the cat!

Isla B Baby said...

Oh sorry Charlotte I think I am a little late but that would definatly be Jeanne goose, Mimosa the cat (great picture!) and Louana Bee.
I do love childrens drawings of things and keep meaning to frame more of the girls pictures or at least have a little album for them all so they can maybe frame some when they are grown up!
Good luck with the facebook page! x

d. moll, said...

Louna bee......and what everybody else said....ox