Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Maileg rabbits make Elderflower Cordial!

I am so excited because I have just made a little film!

It is called 'The Maileg Rabbits make Elderflower Cordial' and is the story of what happened when a few of our lovely cotton rabbits decided to try their hand (paws) at making Elderflower cordial.

It all began when they found a simple little article in Country Living magazine.

They did a spot of online research and came across this lovely blog by Ellie Tennant (the lady behind shopping ideas at Ideal Home). It's a really good place to start if you are a beginner at cordial making, like the bunnies.

Ellie recommended a fantastic online shop for supplies called The Jam Jar Shop. I ordered the necessary muslin and citric acid, and the bunnies talked me into buying some very pretty glass bottles. (Incidentally, I was so delighted with their things I have already placed a second order for jam jars - pickling and jam-making, here I come!)

Anyway, have a look at our film and let us know what you think.. click here

Now I'm off to have a glass of the yummy cordial!


Pom Pom said...

Oh, I saw the video on facebook and LOVED it. I took my mouse to the class I'm taking. I pulled the box out of my bag to show my table mates. They loved her. I'm thinking I might need a bunny now. I'm in love with Cottontails Baby.

fizzy said...

What a charming video - encapsulates all there is about a care free hot summer's day that's lost in childhood memories.

Have added you into our Elderflower page . . .

Bumpkin Hill said...

That video whisked me away to a wonderful summer's day, as fizzy said, of childhood times. I remember as a child helping to make home made wines, sure I probably made elderflower too, home made lemonades and most of all jams. Oh there is nothing like home made jam. I must say I was admiring those bottles in your video, so thanks for the link. Have a smashing weekend, Catherine x

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

LOVE this! :D