Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mouses in Mousehole

A couple of weeks ago we went away to Mousehole in Cornwall for a few nights. It's such a pretty village and with a name like that I could have kicked myself for not packing a few of the Cottontails mice in my suitcase so I could have a little photo shoot on the harbour.

But not to worry because with the magic of Photoshop I have added a wee mouse to every photo that follows...!

Can you spot the Mousehole mice..?!

That's our cottage at the top of the road

And here it is up close. It was really nice to sit on the step and watch the world go by. (And quite a lot of world there was - Mousehole is a very busy little village)

This is the village pub, where we spent most evenings

And here we are having the first of many ice creams of the holiday...

Isobel and I spent hours sandcastle building while Mike watched the world cup final. The picture completely fails to capture the size of the creation - it was hours of work!

Mousehole is a really pretty little harbour, with a couple of small beaches and lots of boats. It has a very compact and safe feel... nice for families

Even the village fish n chip shop was pretty!

Mostly we just mooched about Mousehole but we did a couple of nice coastal walks. Here we are on our way to Lamorna (blissfully unaware that the skies were about to open on us!!)

Did you spot all the mice...?


And finally, while we were on hols in Mousehole. Humphrey enjoyed an all-inclusive mouse-free break at Hoppy Holidays in Pershore. A huge thanks to Diane for taking such good care of him as ever.

Friday, 9 July 2010


I think I am having the busiest day imaginable so in posting this I am just taking a little bit of time out to breath.

I launched the summer sale yesterday and the response has been great, plus I have a load of eBay auctions finishing today (baby clothes left over from the high street shop - some auctions are running til tonight if you want to have a look) and a pallet of Moulin Roty toys was delivered this morning containing lots of customer orders. Added to that we are going away for a few days on Sunday so I need to get all orders on their way by tomorrow lunchtime, when the post office closes.


I thought the photo of the lavender growing in the herb garden would calm me down, but I think maybe I need to inhale (inject?!) some as well....

Before I go, here's the long-eared one enjoying the first carrots from the garden :-)

Right. Come on nose, back to that grindstone!


Monday, 5 July 2010

The elderflower story - and a prize

A couple of week ago that I posted a little film about the Maileg bunnies making elderflower cordial, and here is a photo story for the people who weren't able to watch it, plus a bit of an update and some behind the scenes footage!


Once upon a time a few of the Maileg rabbits decided they wanted to make a delicious cordial and persuaded me to help.

So off we all went to a nearby field.

The bunnies enjoyed their walk in the fresh air and picked plenty of elderflower blossoms.

Upon returning home the we rinsed the flowers ready for steeping...

... and prepared a sugar syrup. Obviously we had to get an adult rabbit to help with this bit as the syrup was VERY hot.

We soaked the rinsed elderflowers in the syrup for 24 hours, along with some sliced lemons.

And the next day we put it into pretty bottles and the cordial was complete.

But the story doesn't end quite there...

A couple of weeks later the bunnies decided to enter their cordial into the Produce and Handicraft Show at Bromyard Gala. (There was some silly clause in the rules preventing fabric rabbits from taking part so we had to put the entry in my name.)

Imagine the excitement when the bunnies discovered that their delicious drink is now an award winner!!

Well done the bunnies!

For anyone who has yet to watch our little video, you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVPxKoR31lc


ps I just HAD to share this behind the scenes shot of my other half helping with film production - can't you just SEE the enthusiasm?!