Monday, 5 July 2010

The elderflower story - and a prize

A couple of week ago that I posted a little film about the Maileg bunnies making elderflower cordial, and here is a photo story for the people who weren't able to watch it, plus a bit of an update and some behind the scenes footage!


Once upon a time a few of the Maileg rabbits decided they wanted to make a delicious cordial and persuaded me to help.

So off we all went to a nearby field.

The bunnies enjoyed their walk in the fresh air and picked plenty of elderflower blossoms.

Upon returning home the we rinsed the flowers ready for steeping...

... and prepared a sugar syrup. Obviously we had to get an adult rabbit to help with this bit as the syrup was VERY hot.

We soaked the rinsed elderflowers in the syrup for 24 hours, along with some sliced lemons.

And the next day we put it into pretty bottles and the cordial was complete.

But the story doesn't end quite there...

A couple of weeks later the bunnies decided to enter their cordial into the Produce and Handicraft Show at Bromyard Gala. (There was some silly clause in the rules preventing fabric rabbits from taking part so we had to put the entry in my name.)

Imagine the excitement when the bunnies discovered that their delicious drink is now an award winner!!

Well done the bunnies!

For anyone who has yet to watch our little video, you can see it here:


ps I just HAD to share this behind the scenes shot of my other half helping with film production - can't you just SEE the enthusiasm?!


...Nina Nixon... said...

What helpful little bunnies and well done on the prize though I'm not convinced by the 'do I look impressed' grown up helper.

Nina xxxx

Charlotte said...

I know Nina! I can't understand it - if it was the other way around and he said to me 'Charlotte, could you spare an hour to come for a walk in the sunshine and play around with some soft toys?' I would be more than happy to help.


Jackie said...

I just love that picture of your other half - so happy in his work!!!! Well done on the bunnies, I mean, your award xx

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha! I know that expression! Oh the long-suffering behind-the-sceners... they know they're doing good, they just have a hard time admitting it!

Pom Pom said...

I loved the cordial making on facebook and another bloggy friend made some, too. It must taste delicious.

magpie bessie said...

completely charming! and your post script with your hubby/assistant is hilarious!

d. moll, said...

Outraged that cloth bunnies are not allowed to enter under their own names, simply outrage!! Great post. very LOL!

Sue said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his expression!!

Well done on the award....the bunnies did good!

Sue xx

Pipany said...

Hello. This is the first time I have come to your blog and I love it! Will definitely be back x

Christina said...

Snort! Your other half is really into it isnt he? LOL

Congrats to you! How wonderful

Sarah said...


What a gorgeous kitchen!

I would have happily come along and played with soft toys in the sunshine with you!

Hugs, Sarah x

marble rose said...

Oh I love your blog - have just found it -it's wonderful!!!!!!

(p.s love hubby picture too - check out my other half in similar scenario on my other blog)