Monday, 16 August 2010

Happy Customers and Soap Smuggling

I've had a few really nice emails over the last week or so from happy customers and thought I'd share some:

I saved the link already a while ago and was just waiting for the chance to order. Now time has come as my little daughter was born :-) But even without a reason I often browse your webpage - it is so cute and made with a lot of love for all the nice things you sell. And the Blog is great!
From Bettina, in Germany

I love your site and Cottontails has served me well, in particular last Christmas. Most of my 'adult' presents were from your shop!!! I love all your toys and products and always refer back to your site as I think the friendliness and helpfulness really is acknowledged, as is the nice way you carefully package items.

From Jo S, Liverpool

I just to wanted to say a huge thank you! I ordered yesterday afternoon, asked if it was possible to send before Sunday and it arrived this morning - amazing - less than 24 hours later!
You have a lovely website, super fast delivery, beautifully wrapped parcels and exquisite gifts. In a world of terrible standards and customer service I just wanted to say thank you - yours is to be commended:)

From Jo C, North Shields

The photograph, by the way, is of the little bars of soap that we include with our orders as a nice little extra. (Although this backfired somewhat last week when an overseas order was held up by the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services due to an 'item of concern' in the parcel!)


Sue said...

What lovely customer comments. Well done.

Australia and New Zealand are very hard to send 'natural' products to. They don't like any seeds entering the country, even in bars of soap!!

Sue xx

Charlotte said...

Oh gosh yes! Hadn't considered the poppy seeds...!

Bumpkin Hill said...

Great feedback like that makes all efforts worthwhile doesn't it. Certainly well deserved, it is really special to get good personal customer service these days. I too have heard that Australia can be tricky with natural products, especially any plant based ones. x

d. moll, said...

What lovely looking soaps. Did you make them? And what great comments, Cottontails certainly is wonderful :)

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Well done you for giving such great Customer Service:)

Dont we all just crave it these days?

Hope when I get my little Blog Shop on the go, I can reach your standards:-/

Its a lovely feeling to make people happy isnt it:)
Michelle x