Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My marrow's bigger than your marrow

Last month was my initiation into the world of country shows and competitive vegetable growing, jam making and so on.

I entered what I felt was a rather impressive nine categories in the Produce & Handicrafts Show at Bromyard Gala (Actually it turns out that nine is not that impressive - the 'serious' competitors are in the 20 - 30 region. Gosh). But still, some success! A 1st place in the Fruit Drink category with the Elderflower Cordial and Highly Commended in the Bakewell Tart, Banana & Nut Fingers (to a given recipe) and Three Sweet Peas. I was chuffed to bits.

Sadly my homemade strawberry jam did not scoop any prizes but no real surprise there. Not only was it still a bit runny (presumably the ultimate no-no in competitive jam making?) but there were LOADS of entrants plus the overall winner of the jam category was called Nan. Nan! I mean, who can compete with a jam maker called Nan?

Also I have to admit to a spot of sulking around the 7 " Bakewell Tart category. Apparently the judge found my pastry too sweet and ended her comments with a cheery 'What a shame'. Not really something anyone want to see on their judge's notes. That's the last time I use a Waitrose recipe. AND most annoying of all is that the winning tart was at least 9" big. That's 9" in a 7" category! I ask you. Mutter, mutter, mutter....

Despite flagrant tart rule flouting and the 'what a shame' comment I had a fab time and have already collected my entry form for the Ledbury show at the end of this month...


Bumpkin Hill said...

Charlotte, I LOVE your new Blog set up, the banner is great and wow that must have taken a long time! Makes me want to sort mine out better too! I think your Beans look very impressive and the sweet peas are so pretty! I'm with you on the Bakewall Tart - fancy writing that! x

Charlotte said...

Thanks Catherine, it took an unfeasible amount of time to rearrange / redesign things... much longer than it took to make a bakewell!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I don't know what chuffed means, but based on your usage I will say I am chuffed for you too! Amazing to win at all in your first year, I think.

Also love the new blog format. Looks beautiful. Of course I say this every time but Humphrey is just the most gorgeous thing (I'm referring to the photo under "Meet Humphrey"). And I can't express how pleased I am (chuffed?) that you included Frank Blog in your very-exclusive list. Thank you!

Sue said...

'Flagrant tart rule flouting' I just LOVE that line of yours. It is a crime of course!!

Your sweet peas are lovely and of course the little jug sets them off just so!

Well done on your awards, you are now a real prize winning country girl. You'll be in the WI next and the Mothers Union!!

Lovely new look to the Blog, well worth the time and hair pulling.

Sue xx

Em said...

Just found your blog, I have chuckled all the way through your posts.
I love your Rabbit...!
You have a lovely sense of Humour...Em x

Sarah said...

I'd have been muttering for days! Two inches! Obviously she didn't have a ruler in the house and/or she didn't have the right size baking tin/plate!

Anyway.........big congrats on your other wins. I'd have been chuffed to pieces too.

Hugs, Sarah x

Sarah said...

Oh and I love the new blog look too! You are on a roll!

Hugs, Sarah x

Charlotte said...

But the thing is Sarah I went out the day before and bought a 7" tin especially!

Mike says I really have to let this go now... lol :-)


Annette Tait said...

well done on your prizes!
and if it was me, I wouldn;t mind what size my bakewell came in, any size would be perfect - what not-a-shame :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

congratulations, sorry about the tart though