Sunday, 14 November 2010

The End of Autumn

I spotted this the other day when trekking down the garden, and thought nothing symbolises the end of autumn quite as well as a pumpkin sitting on a compost heap. Which means it's winter. Which means I think it's okay for me to start writing about Christmas?

As a retailer I've already had months of thinking about it because I have to plan (probably not as much as I should) but I've tried to keep it low key. Until now anyway, as I really want to put together some Cottontails gift guides.

A good friend of mine who has just become an auntie (hello Auntie Anna!) emailed me the other day to ask if I could recommend something really special for her new niece. It stuck me that I am rubbish at recommending things. I really doubt my own confidence at choosing the right things, which is silly because I know my stock inside out, am 'passionate about it' (this sounds like a job interview!) and really shouldn't be afraid of sharing personal favourites. But I find it really daunting.

So, with this in mind I am going to write a series of posts recommending my favourites for various ages, occasions and so on. Hopefully it might be a useful resource for people, and also it will be a good exercise for me to gain a bit of confidence in making recommendations.

I'll mostly pick Cottontails things (obviously) but will try and share a few favourites from other websites too to make things more interesting.

So watch this space... a slew of posts to come!