Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cottontails Favourites - new babies

Here are a few of my favourite things for new babies - these are my personal favourites and I tend to like soft, gentle colours, as you can see. They are all safe from birth and come with a lovely gift bag or gift box.

Lola rabbit is one of Moulin Roty's oldest and most enduring toys, she was overhauled a couple of years ago and given an even softer fur coat. You can see the whole range here, but this is my very favourite - the musical rabbit at £25:

Next is a gorgeous activity dog from the Koko la Lune range - at £40 he has a pedigree price tag, but there is quite a lot to him as he rattles, scrunches, rings and plays music:

Now we have Lila mouse - perfect for baby girls. There are lots of toys, rattles, comforters in the range, and this is my favourite. She even has tiny little pink roses on her cheeks! She is £18:

Next up is this little wooden play ring from the Balthazar and Valentine range. Its a nice little gift for someone who wants to give something a bit different. There are lots of textures and the three little attachments to ring, rattle and scrunch, it is £15:

Next is one of the classics - a teddy bear. Leo is very soft and cuddly and comes in a lovely gift box, all part of the charm - there are two bigger sized bears in the range too, but this size is nice for a little baby, and he is only £20:

For anyone looking for something little, something perfect for tiny hands, I love this soft fleecy sheep rattle, he is just £11:

Another activity toy, this quirky stacking hen would look lovely sitting on the nursery shelf until baby is old enough to play with him. There are bits that rattle, ring and scrunch and he is safe from birth, £40:

I'm going to finish this list with a bit more bunny. We don't do a lot of things to wear at Cottontails (which is odd really, as many years ago now we started life as a high street baby clothes shop) but these little slippers for 0-6m are pretty irresistible, £13:

And finally here is one more soft cuddly comforter. (By the way for anyone wondering, a comforter - or 'doudou' as they are sometimes known - is simply a flattish soft toy, usually made of a few different fabric textures - they are the much nice up to date equivalent of a a bit of blanket!) This one is £15 and is soft and fluffy on the back with velour and cotton on the front:

And in the next post I'll take a look at gifts for one year olds....

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