Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cottontails Favourites for 1-2 years

Time for a few favourites for one to two year olds now. To be honest a lot of the soft toys would be just as nice for new babies too, but whereas my favourites for new babies tended to be neutral and super soft, these ones have clothes to come on and off, and a bit more colour and personality.

Nini the mouse and her little baby - at 50cm in length Nini is quite a big soft toy, and she has lovely long dangly limbs and a very soft and huggable plush body. She is £39 and comes with a lovely gift bag.

And here is Julius the dog and puppy. Same price and size as Nini (above) but a much more manly creature!

Next I have chosen a classic - a solid beech wood rocking horse designed especially for little ones. Not too big it measures just 58cm in height and is recommended from 12 months in age, £106.

Jeanne the rag doll comes with her own little linen gift bag which can double as a little girl's handbag. Jeanne is my favourite of the Moulin Roty rag dolls and she is £47 (but do have a look at her big and little sisters too!)

Next is a beech wood and wicker doll's pram with a canvas hood that lifts up and down. A lovely, sturdy little pram at £66.

I always think hand puppets make a nice alternative to a normal soft toy, and here are a few of my favourites - they are each £13.

Next up is a lovely set of soft safari-themed skittles from the Les Loustics ('Little Friends') range by Moulin Roty. The set of four skittles and ball is £30 and they come in a really nice carry case.

My next choice is actually two toys - but they work really nicely together and I just love the colours. Solid wooden walking trolley is £63.50, and the set of twelve fabric cubes (which again come in a nice carry case) are £40.

I have always referred to this next chap as 'a gentleman bear' and have noticed other retailers using this description now so it must be catching on! Monsieur Alexandre is a lovely traditional bear. He comes in his own box and is wearing a rich burgundy night shirt and cap - which makes him a particularly suitable bedtime companion, £47.

Next up is a little trike - recommended from 12m upwards this cheerful little bee trike is just as popular with boys and girls. My favourite bit is the wiggly antennae!

And to finish, here are a few more of my favourite soft toys for this age group:

Lila the mouse, £23.50 - she has pink roses on her cheeks and really pretty dress!

Albert the sheep is available in two sizes - 20cm at £13 or 30cm at £18. Albert was lucky enough to have a 'makeover' in 2010 and is now wearing a natty fawn outfit.

And finally Jeanne the goose. Like Albert (above) she is available in two sizes - 20cm for £13 or 30cm for £18. Jeanne is quite a new member of the Grand Family range of toys but she has been an instant hit - she really is a pretty little thing, and it makes such a nice change to see blue on a little girl's toy.

My next post will be looking at toys for three year olds - and it opens up a whole new world of toys as so many are only suitable for those over 36 months. I am really looking forward to this one!


magpie bessie said...

A wonderful list! Count me in as one of Jeanne's many admirers! I am planning to add Julius to my younger son's wish list! So charming!

Sue said...

Oooh...these are SO gorgeous, as were the last selection on the previous post.

I get the feeling you're going to make a lot of little (and not so little) children VERY happy this Christmas.

Sue xxx

Bumpkin Hill said...

my gosh I couldn't choose, of course I love gentleman Bear, but love the skittles and the rocking horse and...and.... :) I hope you are not too snowed in over there. Big Hugs, Catherine x

Anonymous said...

I love that beautiful ragdoll, would have cherished her when I was little. I have a Moulin Roty gentleman bear which I bought myself years ago, he has the name Babou embroidered on his nightshirt and has a burgundy knitted nightcap and felt slippers!