Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cottontails Favourites

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on selecting my own personal favourite toys at Cottontails.

It's been quite hard to choose, and has taken a bit longer than I had hoped (due to the fact than almost every waking hour has been spent chained to the packing table, battling manfully with brown paper and parcel tape) but I have finally managed to cobble something together create a list of professional recommendations.

One of the hardest things has been trying to pin-point the 'best age' for certain toys. I lack confidence in doing this and am constantly worried I get it wrong because I don't have children myself. So to help me get it right I asked a few real mums for their thoughts and guidance too. In fact the whole thing has shown me that age suitability can be quite a personal thing and varies hugely.

For this reason, a lot of my favourites appear in more than one age list, and if you are looking for something for a four year old - please do checkout the three and five year old lists too, it's probably just as likely you'll find something there...

I'll post my lists by age shortly in different posts, and plan to put a department on to the website too to help people searching in this way.

Finally, thanks especially to two mums who helped a lot with age guidance: Melissa who writes the lovely blog Country in the Town and is mum to Charlotte and Caitlin, and Sara over at Mitcheldean Soap who is mum to Jess and Timmy. Thank you both :)

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