Monday, 21 February 2011

Little houses

I love little things, miniature things. There is something magical and fascinating about things on a small scale. I don't know, but perhaps this is why I sell toys?

And one of my obsessions is tiny houses. From the tiny little homes for mice that I sell at Cottontails, to the wonderful child size play houses that are available these days. Here are some favourites...

I spotted this little creation on someone's blog over a year ago, and have been waiting for a chance to share it. Thank you PomPom for the link. (She is always sharing gorgeous children's illustrations and little treats like this house on her blog - well worth a visit)

The classic Maileg mouse house, always a bestseller at Cottontails, along with the little mice in matchbox who live there:

And this little toadstool house is from En Gry and Sif

And finally, I must tell you about Stone & Watkins play houses - probably the loveliest collection of children's play houses I have ever seen. Just look at these...

They do painted cottages, rustic wooden cottages, tree houses, bespoke designs. And inside there are little staircases, stable doors... Honestly, go and have a look at their website, it'll make you smile.


Sue said...

Wow....I would have LOVED a playhouse like that when I was little.

I did try and scrub out the coal bunker once to turn it into a den but ended up looking like a miner, my Mum was not amused!!

Sue xx

Charlotte said...

Brilliant Sue!

Yes I'd have loved one too... but I was a lucky girl anyway, dad gave up his garden shed for me, and mum made curtains. I loved it. Apart from the spider fear... :-/


Pom Pom said...

My sister and I spent hours and hours in our playhouse. We rearranged, scrubbed the floors, colored on the walls (yikes!) and made it our own. Oh, I love mouse houses!