Thursday, 28 April 2011

Rabbits on Holiday... Part 2

As promised, here are a few behind the scenes photographs from The Rabbits go to Center Parcs film - including pics from a roller-skating scene which I deleted due to some very dodgy photoshopping (not to mention my, erm, inelegant performance).

Isobel takes a break from quad-biking for a pep-talk with Daniel:

It starts to become clear that Sylvain's bicycle is a touch on the big side...

My first time on roller-skates in, gosh, 25 years? And things don't start too badly:

Look, I'm not even holding on to anything!

But then...

And have you ever tried to stand up while wearing wheels on your feet? Well at least Mike was there on the sidelines with a few encouraging words (ahem) - and the camera to catch the occasion.

Anyway, having recovered myself...

Back at home I had great fun trying to recreate Center Parcs amazing world of swimming pools and water fun... with just the utility room sink, a cut up IKEA bag and some rocks from the garden. (Take note Center Parcs planners, it doesn't need to be complicated!)

And here is little Daniel drying out in the sun after his swim

And finally, here's where I filmed the credits:

Obviously I am expecting a call from Hollywood at any moment.... :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rabbits on holiday... Part 1

Last week Mike, Isobel and I headed off to Center Parcs for a short holiday, and I just couldn't resist taking along a couple of Cottontails creatures...

So, squeezed into a car full of luggage, bicycles and four days worth of groceries were a couple of very excited soft toy bunnies - little Daniel from Maileg, chosen for his practical, outdoorsy clothing (perfect for Center Parcs) and dear old Sylvain rabbit as I thought it would be wise to take along a more mature bunny to keep an eye on little Daniel.

(As you can imagine, my long-suffering other half was delighted to discover the extra guests - but at least we had Isobel, aged 10, with us this time which meant less grown-man-posing-with-toy-rabbit scenarios for him.)

I have made a little film of the bunnies' adventures here:

Or you can view it on YouTube here along with some of our other cinematic masterpieces...

I hope you enjoy it, and I will publish some behind the scenes photos in the next blog post.