Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rabbits on holiday... Part 1

Last week Mike, Isobel and I headed off to Center Parcs for a short holiday, and I just couldn't resist taking along a couple of Cottontails creatures...

So, squeezed into a car full of luggage, bicycles and four days worth of groceries were a couple of very excited soft toy bunnies - little Daniel from Maileg, chosen for his practical, outdoorsy clothing (perfect for Center Parcs) and dear old Sylvain rabbit as I thought it would be wise to take along a more mature bunny to keep an eye on little Daniel.

(As you can imagine, my long-suffering other half was delighted to discover the extra guests - but at least we had Isobel, aged 10, with us this time which meant less grown-man-posing-with-toy-rabbit scenarios for him.)

I have made a little film of the bunnies' adventures here:

Or you can view it on YouTube here along with some of our other cinematic masterpieces...

I hope you enjoy it, and I will publish some behind the scenes photos in the next blog post.



Sue said...

Aw....poor Hubby, not being the 'star' of your little films and photos anymore!!

Looks like you ALL had a brilliant time.

Sue xx

Leaff Design said...

We absolutely love this video, it is so witty and fun, we are going to have to put it up on our FB page and tweet about it too! Great work, well done!

Simply H said...

What a brilliant video! Hope you enjoyed yourselves at CP as much as the rabbits! xx