Friday, 24 June 2011

End of the Spring Sale

The spring sale has been running for a month now, and - at the risk of sounding like a furniture advert - It Must End Soon! After all, apparently it isn't even spring now, it is summer... *peering out of window at rain*

I've just added lots more items to the sale in my usual haphazard fashion - oh how I wish I had a proper reporting system that would tell me what to reduce and by how much. As it is I glance down my inventory, furrow my brow and, well, guess.

So, to recap, we are having a sale with lots of lovely things at lovely prices. Do come!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Springwatch at Cottontails - part 3

Welcome back to our third and final part of Springwatch at Cottontails hosted by our three long eared presenters Rabbit Packham, Bunny Humble and Martin Hughes-Carrots.

First up tonight, let's have a look at what has been happening in Nest Box 1...

And now, at long last, we would like to introduce you to our guest naturalist Charlie Haymunching-Jaws who has been investigating the controversial reintroduction of dragons into the British countryside:

That's all we have time for for now (I really must get back to doing some proper work!) but thanks for watching and who knows, maybe we'll be back in the Autumn...!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Springwatch at Cottontails - part 2

Welcome back to Springwatch at Cottontails - where rabbits are far more than just a furry meal.

Today our three presenters, Rabbit Packham, Bunny Humble and Martin Hughes-Carrots, will be reporting on life in our mouse's nest.

But first, here is Bunny Humble with a quick update on Nest Box 1.

And now it's time to see what has been happening over on Mouse-Cam...

And that's it for today, but do tune in next time when we will be introducing our guest naturalist, Charlie Haymunching-Jaws.

In the meantime thank you all for your comments and please do get in touch with any photographs or footage of what is happening in the countryside near you. See you next time!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Springwatch at Cottontails

I am a massive fan of Springwatch and have been in my element since the new series started last week, but if there is one thing I don't like, it's the fact that rabbits only ever seem to feature as furry suppers at the bottom of raptors' nests :(

So I have decide to make a Cottontails version of Springwatch, where bunnies have a rather more significant role to play!

So, welcome to 'Springwatch at Cottontails', a series of blog posts which will run throughout June to follow the adventures of some of our local wildlife.

Here are our opening credits where you will get a glimpse at our three rabbity presenters:

And here they are on the Springwatch sofa - meet Rabbit Packham, Bunny Humble and Martin Hughes-Carrots:

Using state of the art technology we have set up cameras in several key locations around the garden including Next Box 1, Pampas-Cam and Mouse-Cam.

Here is Bunny Humble outside our first location, Nest Box 1:

And here is Rabbit Packham checking out camera at our Pampas-Cam site:

But to kick things off this week, Martin Hughes-Carrots has been down to visit Mouse-Cam and see what is happening with some of these favourite Springwatch residents...

It looks like we have selected a good location amongst the logs - Martin quickly spotted evidence of mouse occupation:

And it wasn't long before we were able to film this footage:

What a lovely creature! Mice are of course well known for their reticence in front of the camera, but Martin will be spending plenty of time monitoring Mouse-Cam and we hope to bring you lots more footage later in the week.

Well, that's it for our first installment of 'Springwatch at Cottontails' - but stay tuned for regular updates and stories over the next few days, including a report from a guest naturalist on the controversial project trialling the reintroduction of dragons to the bottom of the garden...

Thanks for joining us!