Monday, 8 August 2011

Nini goes to the seaside

Not many people know this but mice love the sea.

So guess who sneaked into my overnight bag when we went down to Lyme Regis for a couple of days?

Yes, Nini mouse came along too....

The Stowaway

View from the B&B - Nini spots the sea!

A nice comfy bed

Playing on the beach

A spot of window shopping

Nini's favourite shop

A bit scary for a little mouse...

Even mice like to reflect on life while gazing out to sea...

Lyme Regis is a very pretty seaside town with two lovely beaches (sandy and pebble) and lots of little shops. We even found a shop selling Nini's cousins!

And our B & B was very comfy and quiet although unfortunately Nini was unable to join us for breakfast - for some reason Mike seemed curiously short tempered whenever I suggested it.

But all in all we had a lovely time and Nini is now flicking through brochures for the South of France for 2012 - she understands the weather and the cheese is very good over there.


Rebecca said...

Such a sweet post, looks like Nini had a fab time! I love Lyme Regis, such a pretty place x

Bumpkin Hill said...

so glad you had a nice time, your post really made me smile, why can't mice come to breakfast with you! ;) Catherine x

Justin Tunstall said...

Thanks for popping by, Nini. Call ahead and we'll make sure that we're open next time! (Town Mill Cheesemonger, Lyme Regis 01297 44 26 26)

Justin Tunstall said...

Glad you liked the shop, Nini. Call ahead and we'll make sure we're open next time you're in town! 01297 44 2626 (Town Mill Cheesemonger)

Charlotte said...

Justin - we saw your lovely shop when it was open, but my other half would only let me bring Nini out in public when the light was starting to fade...!

Sue said...

Gorgeous photos, but I can understand Mikes' reluctance to have Nini at the breakfast table!!

I love Lyme Regis and the shops are gorgeous.

Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Sue xx

robert said...

Did you see the French Lieutenants Woman ?