Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Amedee and the Runner Ducks

We have recently acquired three runner ducklings. Well, I say ducklings, they are eight weeks old now and pretty much fully grown. They are beautiful.

They live at the farm we are moving to and we go down twice a day to feed, water and visit them.

We will be digging them a pond soon, but for now they are splashing around in washing up bowls. Apparently this is all they need, but having seen how much they love to play in the water (not to mention the dreadful mess they make!) a pond is now a must.

Of course they are not my first ducks. Amedee duck has been here at Cottontails for many years now. And last week I decided it was time for him to meet his feathered family...

The runner ducks were a little unsure of Amedee - I don't think they have seen a duck in dungarees before? But I will take him down for regular visits and I'm sure they will all be splashing around together very soon.

So watch this space for many more duck stories..........