Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The 'John Lewis' model

Last week Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg urged companies to follow the 'John Lewis' model and offer shares to their employees - apparently it will improve productivity and unlock growth.

With this in mind I have decided to offer shares in Cottontails to Humphrey and the ducks.

New shareholder: Humphrey

New shareholders: Mary, Dick and Jim

Also, from now on Humphrey will be sitting on the Cottontails remuneration committee - to make sure I don't award myself any huge bonuses at the expense of employees' carrots, corn etc.

Humphrey consults other workers ahead of remuneration committee

This will surely be the start of a new period of unprecedented productivity and growth at Cottontails!


Sue said...

Brilliant post. And a very sensible decision if I may say so :-)

There's more brains on your committee than some that I know of!

Sue xx

Leaff Design said...

Classic Charlotte! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Great! Many thanks for a good time visiting your web blog.

Sarah said...

Lovely. Wouldn't mind sitting in on a committee meeting.

SJ Egan - Fragment Designs said...

I think I might have to give my girls shares too for all their wonderful modelling and cheerleading :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent decision. Humphrey will be a wise and sensible committee member!

Bumpkin Hill said...

thank you SO much for the laugh, getting too infuriated with my hosting company over here! This was just what I needed :) by the way LOVE your bunny cookie cutters. x

Sarah said...

Yay! So how many carrots and tomatoes will it work out at? ;)

Is one of the ducks a girl after all? You may have to get couple more girlies, when the boys start getting 'friendly', if you get my drift!

Hugs, Sarah x

Oksana Ellison said...

A simple but sensible decision! I am sure that Humphrey's contribution will be invaluable. Tickles from us and the bunnies!