Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Celebrating the rain - save 15% and why not buy a mac!

It's good weather for ducks, as they say. And my three runner ducks are certainly in their element today, racing around quacking loudly and generally having the time of their life (as I struggle to juggle duck food and an umbrella).
(This is not one of my ducks, this is an actor, handmade by Catherine Tough)

And it's all this rain that has inspired this month's offer at Cottontails. Save 15% on everything until midnight tonight (Wednesday 25th) with the discount code: showers

 (I am starting to wonder if the discount code should have been 'torrential rain'?)

And we're not the only ones celebrating the rain today - I love this graphic that appeared from gorgeous Seasalt this morning.


Do check out their outerwear for rainy day clothes - isn't their Seaside Mac gorgeous?

I think I need one for feeding the ducks...

Anyway, don't forget the Cottontails offer - use the discount code 'showers' to save 15% until midnight tonight!

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Leaff Design said...

Lovely post Charlotte! I think you definitely deserve one of those macs - it is very you! x