Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Cottontails leaflet now out!

Why is Charlotte the cow looking so happy? And what is that she has under her arm?

Why, it is a new Cottontails leaflet!

It opens up into a little 'poster'. Charlotte is featured along with a few other creatures who are all keen to spot themselves in print.

And on the reverse, there are lots of simple activities to keep cows rabbits children entertained.

As always a massive thank you to Kaitie and Jay at Leaff Design who have been instrumental in putting it together. They were especially wonderful at handling a last minute change of plan (there was supposed to be an origami rabbit project involved in the poster, but it proved too tricky for me to master let alone cows rabbits children and I had visions of the whole thing ending up in waste baskets across the country!)

This will be going out with all our parcels over spring and summer, and come the autumn we will have a new full catalogue.

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