Friday, 11 May 2012

Cottontails competition - Who Nose?

I think it's about time for another Cottontails competition, and this time it's quite a challenge...

Can you identify eight Cottontails toy creatures from just their noses? Not easy I know but I have sorted out a lovely prize, so worth having a go...

The prize is a classic Ragtales Darcy teddy bear AND a set of nightwear - choose from pink or blue. Both teddy and clothes come in lovely gift boxes, and altogether the prize is worth £47, so quite a treat.

So, take a look at the eight noses pictured below and see if you can work out who they belong to. They are all featured on the Cottontails website, and I have put a little clue under each photograph to help you in your quest...

 1. A Moulin Roty classic, and a member of the Grand Family

2. Count his friends to help you get to sleep

3. Zzzzzz..... purr......

4. Sometimes described as sly.. but we don't think so

5. Straight from the Wild West...

6. Handy to have around if you fancy a glass of milk...

7.  A favourite with little girls - and very fond of cheese

8. Dashing off to get his bone...

When you think you've worked out who they are, simply send me an email to with your list of names.

All the correct answers will go into a hat and I'll pick a winner on the 31st May 2012.

Don't be too daunted, it's not easy-peasy but a little searching around the Cottontails website should suffice. And don't forget the little search box in the top right corner of the website, it might help you narrow down certain types of animal and so on.

And finally, it would be nice if you would like to leave a comment to say you've taken part, but please don't give away the answers in your comment.

Have fun and good luck!


2nd June update!! And the winner is....

Gilda Morley Ward!



Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mice, peas and Timmy Willie

A recent discovery: mice love peas.

I have been looking at the packaging on a new range of Moulin Roty mice, and notice that the little mouse family is depicted shelling peas.

And since I've mentioned the new mice (plus I did promise you some Cottontails toys in my next blog post) I might as well introduce them to you. They are a little family of three - Zaza  mummy mouse, Zephyr daddy mouse and Zoe baby mouse. Each mouse comes in a lovely box - complete with pea-shelling illustration.

Big daddy mouse - Zephyr is £37.50

Medium sized mummy mouse - Zaza is £30

Little baby mouse - Zoe is £24

And all this mouse / pea business got me thinking about an illustration in one of my favourite books - the Tale of Johnny Town Mouse by Beatrix Potter. You probably know the story - it's that old town mouse / country mouse fable.

At the start of the story Timmy Willie (country mouse) makes his way into a vegetable hamper and just look what happens...

Yep. Under the influence of too many peas Timmy Willie falls asleep in the hamper (... and wakes up in the town, yikes).

So you see, mice seem very fond of peas.

And if you Google the subject, it seems there is quite a vibrant community of gardeners out there battling the little creatures. Take this quote from the RHS's online 'garden community'.

 Packets of peas and beans generally come with instructions to sow them in the ground where they are to grow. It sounds good enough, but it puzzles me because the instructions don’t take into account a certain small mammal - the mouse.

It made me smile anyway - but then I'm not trying to grow any peas this year :)