Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Introducing the Cottontails Price Nibble!

Okay, quiet please..... hush everybody.... I would like to introduce a brand new and rather fabulous reason to shop at Cottontails... Are you ready? Very well then... Drum roll please....It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you.....

....The Price Nibble!

Quite simply I have taken a handful of our very best selling toys and taken about 25% off the RRP, therefore ensuring we have the keenest prices around on certain core items, and hopefully enticing some more customers to the website... (where they will fall in love with Cottontails and shop with us for life...).

Cottontails Price Nibble

It may be madness (and it does sort of go against the grain for me) but my other half (who is far better at matters commercial than me) promises me it will ultimately make Cottontails far more profitable. 

And of course that would mean more of the finest carrots for Humphrey!

So, when you are browsing through the website, look out for the little nibbled carrot in the Price Nibble logo, and know that you are getting a super-duper price - for example, look at some of the lovely Moulin Roty Grand Family animals.

And if it all works out okay, I will be adding a few more 'nibbles' over time...



Bumpkin Hill said...

a really creative idea Charlotte, I hope you get lots of nibbling so Humphrey can keep nibbling carrots! :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

What an adorable photo of Humphrey!