Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cottontails Top 5 Favourites: Moulin Roty comforters

I have decided to put together a series of posts called 'Cottontails Top 5 Favourites'... in fact it's been something I've been meaning to do for an age, and at last it is finally underway. Hooray!

So, first up, I am taking a look at Moulin Roty comforters.

Ten years ago, before I opened the shop, I didn't even know what a comforter was, so for anyone sharing my uncertainty, a comforter is a 'flattish' sort of soft toy designed for babies to cuddle and bond with. A sort of modern day alternative to 'a bit of blanket', comforters are also knows as 'blankies' and 'doudous' and are ever so popular as new baby presents.

All Moulin Roty comforters are safe from birth and machine washable (an essential feature), and there are so many lovely, quirky flattish little creatures to choose from that I almost abandoned this post (and the top five project) as just too hard. Only five? Almost impossible! But I have tried my best and certainly settled upon five lovely comforters... 

So, here are my Cottontails Top 5 Favourites Moulin Roty comforters, all available on the website of course (along with many more...)

 1. Moulin Roty Jeanne the Goose comforter - she comes in a lovely gift box, £19

2. Moulin Roty Koko la Lune dog - lovely long hound with velcro tag so he won't get lost, £16.50

3. Moulin Roty Dragobert comforter - friendly dragon with an irresistibly curly tail, £15.50

4. Moulin Roty Koko la Lune sheep - super soft cloud of fleecy sheepiness! £16.50

5. Moulin Roty Les Loustics elephant comforter - enduring favourite with leafy corners, £17

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