Saturday, 8 September 2012

A lovely review of Cottontails Baby

I just had to share this with you - a simply lovely review of Cottontails Baby from Kate at Leaff Design Ltd.

In case you haven't already heard of Cottontails Baby, it is the toy shop that dreams are made of; independent, traditional and utterly charming.

Earlier in the week I had emailed Kate - it was a bit of a bleak email, I was telling her how things have been pretty tough here over the summer -  it's a constant balancing act, trying to keep up excellent service levels (packaging, delivery, little extras) while staying competitively priced. And let me tell you, this summer has been harder than ever.

And out of nowhere she has put together this little gem of support. She has captured 100% what Cottontails is about and I am so grateful to her - for understanding, for taking the time to write.

Cottontails is not a hobby business, I need to make a living from it so ultimately there has to be some commercial sense behind what I do, but there is also real heart and soul in this little business - my heart and soul - and getting this kind of feedback and support is what keeps me going sometimes.

Thank you Kate!

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Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely little cartoon! Sorry business is hard at the moment!