Friday, 18 January 2013

Tell Tail... Competition to win £50!

Hooray! It's time for another Cottontails competition, and this time it's all about tails.

Win me! (oh and £50 to spend at Cottontails too)

Have a look at the eight tails pictured below - they all belong to toys I stock at Cottontails.  Anyone correctly identifying all eight tails will go into a draw to win £50 to spend at Cottontails - with a little Laura Long long-tailed mouse thrown in too!

Hopefully it won't be too hard, but just tricky enough to be a bit of a challenge. Every animal is on the Cottontails website, and don't forget the little search box in the top right corner of the website, it might help you narrow down certain types of animal and so on.

1. A classic Moulin Roty toy, my favourite animal

2. This creature is famous for it's long tail (& love of cheese)

3. Little boys are said to be made of these, along with slugs and snails

4. Enemy of St. George....

5. These animals are famous for their curly tails

6. Less of a tail, more of a brush....

7. Another of our favourite creatures, part of a Grand Family

8. Beatrix Potter wrote about one called Tommy Brock

When you think you've worked out who the tails belong to, simply send me an email to with your list of names.

All the correct answers will go into a hat and I'll pick a winner on the last day of January.

And finally, it would be nice if you would like to leave a comment to say you've taken part, but please don't give away the answers in your comment.

Have fun and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Just love those little Laura Long long-tailed mice! Thanks for the fun competition Cottontails!

jenann said...

My little friend, Rosie, went searching for tails and I emailed her answers in for her. She had a lovely time and made a list of things she liked on the site and had never seen before. I think there was a hint or two being dropped as she will be seven in a few weeks time!

Bumpkin Hill said...

oh that was so much fun! I just sent you an email x

Anonymous said...

Great competition. Love the range of animals on offer for my little girl. Classic yet unique toys which i'm sure she will treasure for years.


Anonymous said...

Classic unique toys in vibrant colours which my daughter will treasure for years.


Anonymous said...

Classic vibrant and unique toys which my little girl will treasure for years.


DebbieManson said...

What a lovely wee competition on a dull and cold Tuesday, thanks.

Danielle S. said...

This is so cute and fun! I'm heading over to the site to see if I can find them all now.