Friday, 8 February 2013

Maileg Spring 2013 - the rest!

Okay so I've pretty much covered the bunnies in the last two posts, but there are of course many more lovely toys coming from Maileg this spring. Here are some of things that caught my eye at this year's Spring Fair...

The Maileg Mice

Several new matchbox mice are coming, and look! the matchboxes have changed a bit in design, I really like the new ones which picture a little mouse.

There are two new parent mice and, best of all, they come with a house. They didn't have a sample on the stand but apparently it's made from a sort of reinforced fabric / cardboard combination - the same stuff as the newspaper furniture. (Those of you who are Maileg mouse mad will know what I am talking about).

And there is a giant mouse - a Mega Maxi Mouse to be precise. He is huge (about a meter tall). Think carefully before buying this mouse - he could really do with a room all of his own!

There are also some new individual little mice available in Maileg's circus theme. Joining the existing clown there is now a ring master and strong man. And the Big Top circus set looks like great fun. Oh - and there is a beefeater mouse.

The Cats

Three long thin dangly cats have joined the Maileg family this season. They wear natty little neckachiefs and, from memory, were about 30cm in height. (Rather worryingly they are pictured on the same page as the mice in the catalogue. But let's face it, they wouldn't stand a chance against Mega Maxi Mouse.)

Boat and Castle - and new rattles

I really liked these - a fabric boat and castle, they are not huge (about 20cm) but they are padded and stand up on their own. They would be the perfect receptacles for the new style rattles - prince, princess, knight, dragon, pirate, mermaid, captain and shark.

Melamin Dining Sets

This is something completely new and I really love it. Some prettily decorated Melamin dining sets. There is a little toadstool which turns into an egg cup, a plate, bowl and spoon. Also a lovely bib.

Maileg Easter

And of course there are some lovely new Easter decorations - little fabric chicks and bunnies, plus some pretty new Easter tins.

So there we go.

Now I have to go and do some sums, make some decisions and decide exactly what to order...


Bumpkin Hill said...

So many goodies! Such a fun post. Love the toadstool egg cup! Catherine x

Annette Tait said...

the plate looks so adorable! such a cute design on it!