Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Travelling Rabbit - January & February

In the last post we got as far as December, and Sylvain had come home for Christmas. So, on to January, a new year, and a new set of adventures....

January - snowed in


For a little while Sylvain's travels were curtailed by snowy weather. There was a bit of grumbling and a lot of staring dolefully out of the window, but he passed the time playing with his Grand Family friends and even had a picnic in the snow.


February - Northumberland

As soon as the snow cleared, he was off on the next leg of his journey - to stay with Kathryn Foster and her rabbits Florence and Scamp in Northumberland.

He had a fine time in Alnwick where he visited Barter Books  - one of the largest second hand bookshops in Britain - and picked a couple of books for himself. Then off for a bracing seaside trip to Craster. He even got to stay in a B&B!  His stay finished with a nice cup of tea and a chat with Florence and Scamp.



From Northumberland Sylvain headed home to Cottontails for a little while to sort out his visa, because his next trip was to be his biggest yet - next stop Flintstone, Maryland, USA!

And don't forget Sylvain is always looking for new places to stay! If you would like to host him, please drop me an email at and I will add you to the waiting list. And for more details on what hosting Sylvain involves - no a lot! - please read our introductory post here.

The Cottontails Travelling Rabbit - The Story so far

It's been some months now since Sylvain headed off on his travels, and goodness me, he has had some adventures!

I have been sharing bits and pieces on the Cottontails Baby Facebook page, but I realise I haven't been blogging about it.  So here is a little post detailing Sylvain's first set of adventures. I'll write another post tracking his travels this year, and from now on I will use the blog to post regular updates on on his progress around the world.

Stage 1: Sylvain stays with Lottie Nottie

For his very first adventure Sylvain headed off to stay with Charlotte, Charlie, Lucy and Emily at Lottie Nottie (a lovely online hair accessories shop - they even sell rabbit hair clips!) They took very good care of him, it being his first time away from home, and you can read all about his first trip here.

Sylvain arrives at his first destination

Stage 2: Sylvain comes home. Unexpectedly. 


Only the second leg of his journey and something went wrong. Sylvain was en route to Scotland, but days and then weeks passed and he didn't arrived at his next destination. Anxiety set in. Where was the little chap?

Oh the relief when he turned up back in Herefordshire. The official story was that his address label had fallen off so the post office returned to sender, but I have other suspicions. I am fairly sure he was having some secret adventures. Anyway, we don't talk about it.

Stage 3: Sylvain goes to Scotland


We tried again, and this time Sylvain completed his journey to Scotland without incident. His host was the inspiring Juliet Wilson and he had a wonderful time with her. She spoke French to him (his native language),  he met some other rabbits, had a day trip to the Water of Leith and even helped Juliet with her writing (she is an author and poet, so Sylvain was quite the muse!)



(Lucky Sylvain, to be in beautiful Scotland in the Autumn!)

Stage 4: Sylvain goes to Essex


A big journey this time, all the way from Scotland down to Essex. Sylvain went to stay with two lovely rabbits Buttons and Blossom, and he even wrote his own diary entry on their blog. (Very sadly, Blossom passed away not long after the visit. I know how they feel, having lost dear Humphrey just a few weeks earlier).

But he had a marvelous time in Essex, where he made many new friends and took to reading The Guardian. (Shortly afterwards Cottontails was named 'Best for Toys' in the Guardian's Christmas Gift Guide. I wonder if Sylvain had anything to do with it?)

Stage 5: Home for Christmas


And as 2012 drew to a close, Sylvain came home for Christmas. Fortunately he arrived just in time to join me for Leaff Design's Christmas party, a festive little gathering at a local restaurant. We had a fab time and it was a fine end to the year for a young rabbit.

Sylvain with Kate and Jay from Leaff 
(he is clearly eyeing up Kate's cappuccino...)

So that is a summary of his first set of travels - do click on the links to go to the individual blogs and read more details. I am so grateful to all his hosts so far - they have really made Sylvain feel at home, and have taken some wonderful photos.

And in the next couple of days I will bring you up to speed on his 2013 adventures. And let me just say, he has crossed the Atlantic...!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Maileg new bunnies & Easter - arriving Tuesday

News flash: a big Maileg delivery is due to arrive at Cottontails on Tuesday! This will include the new Maileg rabbits, the rabbit clothes, and hopefully all the Easter things. Today I am busy creating categories for the new stock on the website, so the moment the delivery lands I can start unpacking and listing things. Exciting!

(Please note that, as ever, I don't know 100% what will be arriving until it is actually here, so I can't take pre-orders or reservations. I am sorry. But hey, it's only another 48 hours to wait!)