Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Working from home - the spare bedroom

People often assume I have a little warehouse somewhere, or at the very least some proper premises, but no, I work from home, currently squeezing Cottontails into a spare bedroom.

This is not a permanent solution - we are going to sort out some kind of office in the garden. (You can see the post here which outlines one of the possible options - although I think we might be having a rethink and building a new garden office).

But for now, I am just across the landing in the spare bedroom. I quite like it. The journey to work takes about 3 seconds. But it is an almighty squeeze and frequently descends into chaos.

I had a big tidy up over the Easter weekend, and here are a few before and after photos. It probably doesn't look that different, but at least I can move around without having to breath in!

Desk - before

Desk before (yes, there is a desk there)

Before - from doorway

After. I told you there was a desk. 

Look, there it is again

After - from the doorway

Even Rudolph's corner is neat and tidy

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Crafty Green Poet said...

oh it looks very neat and tidy!