Monday, 30 September 2013

The world's biggest coffee morning - with Sylvain and Maisie

Like many of us, I went along to one of the events organised for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning last week - and of course I took a couple of little friends with me.

I lined up all the candidates in the morning before I left, and decided that the lucky pair would be Sylvain Rabbit (he is home with me at the moment, but will be off on more travels soon) and Maisie doll - in her pretty floral outfit I just felt she was perfectly dressed for meeting girlfriends and chatting over coffee and cake.

We had a lovely time at the the coffee morning, organised by Rayeesa of Rayeesa's Indian Kitchen - and even enjoyed a cup of proper home made chai as a coffee alternative. Rayeesa makes it at home from her special mixture of spices - you should have seen the size of the cinnamon sticks! Well, they weren't sticks. They were more like branches. I had quite a struggle keeping Sylvain from having a nibble. But Maisie behaved impeccably - and we all had a lovely couple of hours out of the office.

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