Friday, 4 October 2013

Amadee goes to the Autumn Show

Last weekend my friend Diane and I headed off on our annual day trip to the Autumn Show in Malvern - we go together every year and always have a lovely time chatting, shopping and eating cake. It's our strict rule that men are not allowed, but this year we changed things just a little and invited Amedee to join us. He is male, but he's not a man. He is a duck.

He spent much of the day in one of our (matching!) Seasalt shopping bags, but popped out from time to time to waddle around and pose for some photos.

We had coffee and doughnuts, we shopped, we looked at huge vegetables, we shopped, we enjoyed NOT looking at the vintage lawn mowers, we had lunch, we shopped… you get the picture. And Amedee got involved with most of it.

Diane loved him and they became firm friends. In fact she more than entered into the spirit of things and it was wonderful to have a fellow lunatic enthusiast along.  (Those of you who read this blog regularly will know the same cannot be said of my other half, who is never exactly delighted to spot a furry companion peeping from my handbag…)

Such was the success of our day out, I am tempted to take along a whole raft of Cottontails animals next year. Maybe hire a minibus?

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Amedee makes a friend (in a shepherd's hut)

Diane & Amedee enjoy the sunshine


Me and Amedee. And lots of gourds. 

Time for a spa

The fabulous White Elephant Vintage stall - lots of toys!!

Yes Amedee, celery bigger than you! 

And giant leeks! 

Amedee's makes like a leek

Bye bye to Diane

Should you wish to buy your very own Amedee duck, to take on days out etc, he is available on our website along with all his Grand Family friends.


Bumpkin Hill said...

now that sounds like a fun day :) Yes, I vote for a mini bus of animals next year! Catherine x

woolies said...

There is often a toy of two peeking out of my bag, wherever I go. I'm quite sure everyone thinks I'm crazy, and I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one! I think everyone needs a duck!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lookslike you all had a wonderful day!

Just tell your other half that you're doing a bit of PR by always having one of your toys with you....