Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Maileg Makes: mini bunting - perfect for mice

Not everyone knows this, but the Maileg mice are very house-proud little animals and they take great delight in decorating their mouse houses. It's part of their nesting instinct.

And I'm telling you, there's nothing a Maileg mouse likes more than a bit of mini bunting. It's the very thing for draping around a mouse hole or hanging over a matchbox bed.

Here's how we made some at Cottontails -

We used Maileg ribbon and a few scraps of cotton fabric to make ours, and as you can see, it is ever so simple and really does 'pretty up' a little role play area. 

Just mouse and bunting

The Maileg rabbits can get involved too...   

From a recent feature in 'Mice Homes & Gardens' magazine


Bumpkin Hill said...

I LOVE LOVE the new look and this tutorial looks SUCH FUN! Xx

Crafty Green Poet said...

so sweet!

Charlotte said...

Thanks girls. Catherine - I am so glad you like it. Should be contacting you tomorrow for a spot of testing, all being well xxx