Friday, 8 November 2013

Say Hello to the Hazel Villagers - woodland animals and lovely outfits

It's always lovely to introduce a new range to Cottontails, but I am particularly excited about this one. I think you are going to love them...

Meet the Hazel Village animals - soft toy woodland creatures with additional lovely little outfits. Charming, quirky and ethically made, each little animal comes a 'back story' written on a little card around his or her neck.

Hazel Village is a small toy maker, established in New York in 2010. It's rare for me to find another company whose ethics, approach and sense of play matches so closely that of Cottontails, but in Hazel Village, I think we have found a soul mate!

Here are some of the animals enjoying a 'Welcome to Cottontails' apple pie making session a couple of days ago. I thought the apple pie would make them feel at home...

Lucy Owl picks some Bramleys

Gwendolyn Raccoon sorts through my baking basket 
(I saw her dip her paw in the golden syrup...)

Helping Lewis Toad with apple peeling - he's a bit too young to do it on his own

Grating nutmeg with Own Fox

Lewis uses his big toady hands to make pastry...

...then Owen wields the rolling pin

A 'Hello' pie from Cottontails, with bunnies around the edge
(bunny cutters available to buy here)

The animals watch the aga, Great British Bake-Off style


It's an apple pie midnight feast!

All these lovely animals - and quite a lot more - are available to view and buy on the Cottontails website - see them all here


Bumpkin Hill said...

Such an adorable and fun post. Gorgeous new friends. Catherine x

Julia Logie said...

Hi Charlotte,
The Hazel Villagers look wonderful! Next on my list to buy :-)
I have just received a lovely box of goodies from Cottontails and they are going to make my children's birthdays very special.

Thank you
Julia x

Charlotte said...

Thanks Julia - I am sure you'll love the Hazels - they're my new favourites :) xx