Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rudolph in The Guardian

Huge excitement at Cottontails Baby HQ this morning as a key member of staff makes it into the national press....

Rudolph: national press

In an article by Judy Heminsley, founder of Work From Home Wisdom, he features as an example of a more unusual kind of colleague....

 "Cats and dogs aren't the only home office pets. Charlotte Evans runs Cottontails Baby, an online shop selling classic toys and baby gifts, and Rudolph is the latest of her rabbit office managers. Not only does Rudolph keep Evans company, he takes a starring role in marketing the business on social media"

Here is a link to the whole article, Why Pets Make Perfect Companions for Homeworkers.

I am delighted to see the little fella in print, and even more delighted to be called 'Evans' - makes me sound quite serious and professional (if it wasn't for the whole rabbit-as-office-manager thing....)

 Anyway, here he is performing some of his important roles:

Rudolph at his desk

Checking on stock

Checking packaging materials


Ordering stock

Lunchtime nap

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Crafty Green Poet said...

how did I miss this? Adorable photos, glad to see Rudolph is allowed time out from his busy schedule to have a nap once in a while