Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Oliver goes to Shelsley Walsh

My other half was competing in a hill climb at Shelsley Walsh this weekend, and I went along too to keep him company (for one day anyway, he was there all weekend but there's a limit to my motor racing tolerance... so NOISY)

Imagine Mike's delight when he realised I had taken along an 'extra guest'... yes, along with picnic, book and camera, there was room in my bag for a little mouse! (Mike LOVES it when I start phtotgraphing soft toys in public places... ha ha...)

Oliver mouse had a great day out and is quite keen to go along to the next race meeting.... Not sure I'll be there but perhaps I can persuade Mike to pop him in the passenger seat?

For your own Oliver mouse, visit the Hazel Village section on our website.

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