Sunday, 27 July 2014

To the beach.....!

We've just booked a last minute break for a few days by the sea. It's very exciting! But boy, does it take a bit of planning ... so here's the deal:

1. Order today if you want standard delivery and I will send out parcels in the morning before I go

2. Mid morning tomorrow myself and my step daughter Isobel head off down the m5 with a bunch of Cottontails toys. Mike stays behind to look after the animals (goats, ducks, cats - and Rudolph*)

3. Isobel and I have lots of fun taking photos of toys on beach / in caravan etc etc. Mike deals with any Next Day express orders via phone instruction (this won't be difficult AT ALL)**

4. On Wednesday Mike joins us (toys will be packed away as soon as the Grown Up arrives) and I'll head back up later in the day...

5. All orders will be sent out Thursday and Friday, and I'll share lots of fun photos from the seaside.

In the meantime, here are some snaps from last year's holiday.... 

*Rudolph: I did consider taking him, we've rented a little caravan and I'm sure I could sneak him in, but decided it would probably be more stressful for him to come. So he is staying at home to keep an eye on Mike...

** Change of plan... 11.15am and still in office. Having been reminded of how orders are never simple and many are gift-wrapped I cannot face the stress of trying to talk a reluctant cider-maker through this process. So I'm turning off the next day delivery option until I am back. A far better plan.

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